B.I.- Bright Ideas, Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence or BI is about throwing up new insights based on existing data and helping you do things better or faster. One of its best benefits of BI is how, with the right solution, you can get a quick snapshot of your overall performance. With the right tools, a company can measure employee performance, identify trends, and create better, smarter strategies. The data collected from BI can become very useful and change how decisions are made.


How can organizations encourage more effective use of business intelligence? Company leaders should step up and engage their subordinates to business intelligence so they can make the most out of the collected data.

First, cut through the mound of data. Data is good, but not all data is relevant. Going through so much data which can be irrelevant can overwhelm your users and discourage them from making an attempt. Leaders should actively participate in delivering data to each department rather than handing employees everything and asking them to figure them out. The data handed out to them should work for them and not create additional work for them.

Second, the benefits of business intelligence should be made clear. It is great for measuring past performance and identifying trends but for employees who are more concerned with present, pressing matters in the office, they don’t usually pay attention to these. The organization can implement active alerts for these employees so they can be notified when the data reveals unusual events and relevant statistics.

Third, keep it collaborative. People should discuss what they see or observe as they might not have a full understanding of the data in front of them. Discussions between employees and departments should be encouraged so that they can have additional ideas and explain the why behind the what of big data.

Which would be more appropriate, a rewards program or a punitive on?A reward program would be more appropriate than a punitive one when trying to promote the use of Business Intelligence tools. This would help in encouraging more employees to make use of the available tools for them and use it to its fullest. It is also very important to recognize those who have shared on the effective use of business intelligence.

It is important to have a positive experience when using business intelligence tools or something rewarding. This is for them to realize the true value of these tools and not because they feel obligated to use them to avoid punishments.








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