Online shopping has become a wide hit since its introduction to the mass market. It has fueled the interest of many especially those who are active in the social media and in the internet per se. Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people say they would chose online shopping over brick and mortar stores nowadays.

There may be various reasons as to why many people choose to shop online now but here are some of them:

  1. They can search for exactly what they want– With this, it offers people an easier way to search for exactly what they want at a click of a button. Suppliers get customer data online via their online searches and with this they easily get insights of what customers want.
  1. No crowds or queues– For those who do not like falling in line or avoid the crowd, online shopping is a great option for them. So, even if online customers understand that they will not receive it immediately, it is important for an online shop’s admin to offer a range of delivery options to customers. This is to satisfy impatient customers.
  1. Shopping convenience– It provides flexibility because with the internet being available 24/7, people can connect anytime and check out items they feel like buying. With social media and e-newsletters, it makes it possible to connect with customers during times they are most likely to buy, take for example, during paydays.
  1. Easy comparing of prices and reviews– With online shopping, consumers can easily compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase. It is said that at least 81% research their purchases online before they commit to buy.


With the many options of items that can be bought online, not all can be a good catch. Some things are better to be bought the conventional way.

If there were three things that I can say best be bought online, those would be shoes, books and consumer electronics like laptops.  One of the main reasons would be the amount. These things, when bought online, usually are sold at lower prices. Another factor, many of these products are sold with free shipping and also free return and exchange. Lastly for the likes of shoes, not all items can be found in our malls if you are looking for one, specific style and it can be provided by trusted, online sellers.

For items that would make me think first before buying, those would be small to medium sided appliances, clothes and food and groceries. Usually, these things are those that can be easily found in malls and stores within our area and for these items, I would rather take my time to go to the mall and check out these items. For clothes, I believe the idea of having to see and feel the clothes first or check if the appliances are working properly before buying outweighs the convenience of buying online.

Lastly, if there are three things I would never consider buying online those would be large appliances, luxury designer goods and make-ups. The reason would be very simple. For these certain items, it is best to inspect the quality of the product. Are you getting the exact value of what you are paying? Also, for items like luxury designer items and make-ups, there are high chances that you get knock offs from buying online so it is best that they be bought first hand.

There is so much comfort one can get from buying online. It is like the world is in your hand but one must always remember to be very vigilant when making these purchases so as to be sure that every peso spent is well worth it.





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