With the birth of the internet age, people get so many uses out of it. Opportunities abound because distance doesn’t hinder the fact that you can reach anyone, anytime as long as you have internet connection

Wireless network technology plays a big role in businesses nowadays. As said earlier, one can take advantage of different opportunities wireless technology offers. What are some of these opportunities? Let us take a look:

  • Financial Savings– It could be one of the most notable advantages one could get from wireless technology. When before, some tasks needed large sums of money to be fulfilled to make a business work, now with just a click of a finger for a few pennies, business communication is achieved. This helps a great deal especially for small businesses to at least compete with larger organizations in the global market.
  • Expediency– because of the advent of wireless technology, business communication has increased in the speed in which business is being conducted. It also helps them connect to clients and customers from remote areas.
  • Specialized Employment– Because of the improvement of technology, jobs that never before existed have been created. This opened more opportunities for people to be employed.

So those are the opportunities provided by wireless network. Everyday, businesses are learning more ways on how wireless technology can be used to increase their productivity and become more profitable. With these advantages within reach to anyone, one should grab the opportunity to use it to its fullest.

One of the ways is thru networking and communication. Wireless technology allows companies to have unlimited connectivity to employees, vendors and/or customers. Organizations can take into account the use of different portals and social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or they can also choose to have web-based applications to enable direct communication to a vast audience.

Because of the interactive nature of the internet, organizations can also get immediate feed backs from the public, acquire some information they need without spending too much which can make research and development much easier and quicker for companies. This is important in being steps ahead of any competitor. This also m=help make clients and customers feel that they are important and directly involved in the company’s development.

Wireless technology introduced a new aspect of advertising and marketing for businesses. For internet users and smartphone users, they become potential consumers of these products and services via the ads being shown.

But with these pros, it also comes with cons. Using of wireless networks make your data prone to cyber-attack. To prevent this, here are some things one can do to protect it:


  • Change your password regularly– in most offices, we are required to at least change our passwords regularly. Not changing them makes it incredibly easy for anyone who gets access and mess with the settings.
  • Disable the wireless network when not in use– This closes the window of opportunity for hackers to use it.
  • Be up to date– Software is an important part of the wireless network security. Unpatched software functions as an open invitation for cyber criminals who know how to exploit these.
  • Protect your devices– Even when your router is protected, it doesn’t end here. Check which devices connect most often to your home network and make sure they have antivirus and anti-spyware security software installed.

Keeping all these in mind will make using wireless networks more positive for you and reach the full potential of your organization.











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