Being a manager is not an easy job. Surely, it may look glamorous and the pay may be high but too much is also expected of you. A great responsibility is being put on one’s shoulders in overseeing the people and the unit’s operations. With all this, one must be well equipped with the right skills to be able to deliver the things expected of him.

I think the top three skills a manager must have to become effective are the following:



  • Flexible and Open to Changes– As a manager, one will be encountering different changes inside the company. Not only with people or company policies, but one of the big changes that they will encounter will be technological changes. He should be open-minded with these and be willing to learn how to make it work. For managers who are in their later years, age should not be an excuse for them to not go with the changes and learn how to cope with it.

  • Forward Planning and Strategy– As a manager, one should be focused on how attain the goals being set, the company’s vision and mission. They should always be one step ahead, with the plans laid upon in front of them and should always look at the bigger picture of things.

  • Problem Solving– It is expected that problems will be encountered in work. As a manager, one should be able to think clearly and notice details. He should solve problems as soon as they happen. For them to do this, they should be experts in their field and should be calm and collected when confronted by challenges and when coming up with solutions.

As a manager, one will have to face many obstacles in the attempt to make all parties concerned work as one. There may be many characteristics that must be taken in to consideration to become a good manager but with technology being a very important aspect in every business now, these three characteristics would top the list of what every manager should possess.


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