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I have been living in a world where the use of computers and any modes of telecommunication is already part of everyday life. We use it at home, in school, at work and it has also come in handy because of the birth of mobile phones. At this point in time, humans can’t seem to leave home without their cellphone at hand. That specifically applies to me too. Almost all people also have their very own cellphone to call or text anyone, anytime of the day. They also have their own e-mail addresses, Facebook or other social media accounts that allow them to communicate with anyone in any part of the globe. This helps in making the world seem smaller since it allows easier access to anyone.  With a simple click of your finger, any information you need can easily be searched and in your grasp within a few seconds. You can contact anyone, anytime.

In our office, it is an important thing for us to process transactions as fast as we could so the use of the computers, internet and telecommunications is a must. We are able to connect with the Head Office and other branches through the use of IP Phones and Lotus Notes. For daily transactions, it is inevitable that we have branch to branch interactions. We use Lotus Notes for e-mails and  IP Phones allow us to make calls branch to branch, HO to branch or vice versa. These tools help the company save on additional expenses on long distance calls and the long wait on sending documents through freight.

Our main products are non-life insurances. Insurance transactions, policy issuance, check issuance and payments and collections can be processed through PolisyAsia, for underwriting and financial concerns and Merimen, for claims concerns. Demands for insurance can easily be met because in just a few minutes, we can provide clients with their policies through online processing and once it is done, we could easily access it to provide them assistance with their insurance concerns. All information become centralized in these two systems where all authorized staffs are able to have access to them. It doesn’t matter which branch it may be. These systems allow immediate access whenever the information may be needed by an employee for business matters or by the client himself.

Another feature which is beneficial in everyday our everyday working life is the security of the information which is being kept by our company. We make sure that information is kept confidential and only authorized person can have access through them. The use of IT ensures the integrity and authenticity of the information and the organization.

These are just some of the many profits anyone can have with the use of information technology. The items I wrote earlier are some of the highlights on how useful it is to us in our daily work and how great of a help it is to have a technology driven organization. Changes that come with these technological advancements should be freely embraced by us for us to see their full potential.






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